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Business Challenge
When a Major Global Investment Bank acquired an American Bank, WTB was charged with integrating the firmsí US PC LAN/WAN operations, NT infrastructures, and global applications to ensure that the 20,000 employees of the merged bank could share data and applications.

LAN/WAN Operations
· Mapped design and layout of each firmís LAN/WAN.
· Establish firewalls so firms and networks could communicate without breaching security.
· Configured Network ports to allow applications and data to be shared by each company.

PC Environment and NT Infrastructure
· Mapped design and layout of each firmís NT Server and desktop environment.
· Managed moves of PCs and servers, migrated data, and implemented application solutions as departments were moved among ten locations in New York.
· Designed and operated the PC desktop and application integration lab.
· Engineered a PC desktop to standardize four supported desktops of the combined firms into one common desktop platform.

Global Application Integration
· Enabled applications to be packaged and rolled out simultaneously to end-users.

Key Deliverables
· Client server application to track integration-related issues.
· Optimization and maintenance of database structure content and performance issues to ensure accurate and immediate delivery of data.
· Application integration methodologies to accommodate current and future standards.
· Core systems and user acceptance testing of packaged products, including measures against performance and functionality benchmarks established by developers and users.
· Automated delivery of each application to all domestic and international sites.
· Network topology and communication protocol for each site accommodating all international vendor, carrier and communication scenarios.
· Maintenance, support and service of desktop, server, networking environments and client support for application and networking issues.

The merger and move of the two banksí technology infrastructures were completed with no major system outages or interruptions in production. Today WTB continues to serve the client in the roles of engineering, deployment and third-level support.